In 1906, at the original Azusa Street Mission people would ask “Have you received your Pentecost?” Today we ask you, have you receive your Pentecost? Have you been filled with the power of Almighty God? Do you want to experience the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in New tongues? We believe that the Lord wants us to continue to expand the knowledge of the Azusa Street Mission and Revival to the ends of the earth. We formally re-opened the AZUSA STREET MISSION on May 6, 2006 under the umbrella of Azusa Street Mission and Historical Society.

If you are connected to or have historical eevidence from the original Azusa Revival we would love to hear from you! 

AZUSAFEST 2015....
The color line was washed away by the Blood of Jesus...
This year the Lord spoke to Apostle Fred to bring AzusaFest back to the USA. We will celebrate the 109th year since the AZUSA Revival! 
DATE: April  9, 10, 11, 2015
Location:  312 Azusa Street, LA, CA 90012
 Special guest:  Lou Engle of "The Call"  
Thurs. & Fri. April 9 & 10th- Prophetic nights - service 6 - 9pm
Saturday, April 11th - service - 9am - 7pm.
9:00am - 12noon- Private, by Invitation -only Pastors and Leaders meeting.
12:00-2:30pm - Pentecostal Tour & more.
3-7pm - Evening service, speaker Lou Engle.
Registration: FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! $20.00 for pastors meeting, includes breakfast.$10.00 for preferred seating .Click "Donate" button above and write in "Azusafest" in note section.
For more info call: 323-692-7268



Mission statement  

Carrying the Flame of Azusa to the Next Generation throughout the Nations of the World!  

Let your Kingdom Come!

I Corinthians 4:20 & Acts 1:3 “For the Kingdom of God is not in word, but in power...speaking of things pertaining to the kingdom of God”
Azusa Street Outreach
Every Saturday morning Sweepers Wanted!!!
Help cleanup the streets for Skid-row residents 9-11am. Meet at the SW corner of 5th & Crocker Street, LA 90013.
Contact Pastor Steve 213-293-6933
Free Parking on: 4th, 6th & 7th Streets, east of San Pedro street.  
Apostle Fred is traveling through out Brazil in February, please keep him in your prayers! 
RSVP:  March 7th & 14th Prophetic School: call 323-692-7268
Upcoming Events
Feb 7th & 21st
Mar 7th & 14th - Special Two day Prophetic training. Please RSVP space limited! 323-692-7268
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April 25th
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June 13th & 27th
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Aug 8th & 22nd
Sept 12th & 26th
Oct 10th & 24th
Nov 7th & 21st
Dec  5th & 19th 
Japanese American Cultural & Community Center
244 S. San Pedro St.
Room number varies, look for the signs
Los Angeles, California
Free & Open to the Public
For more information, call 323-692-7268
Parking available on 2nd St. Joe's Parking, between San Pedro St. & Central.

Azusa Street Mission & Historical Society
P. O. Box 86321, Los Angeles, CA 90086 / 323-692-7268 Office